picture of J Ignacio Canales J Ignacio Canales University of Glasgow Conference Co-Chair

picture of Robert MacIntosh Robert MacIntosh Heriot-Watt University Conference Co-Chair

picture of Donald Maclean Donald Maclean University of Glasgow Conference Co-Chair

Welcome From The Program Chairs

Dear Colleagues:

We are delighted to introduce the SMS Special Conference which will be held in Glasgow. The city of Glasgow has a proud heritage and is home to the fourth oldest University in the English speaking world. Adam Smith is regarded as the father of modern economics and he drew his observations from the industrialization of the Scottish economy. In recent decades, Glasgow has transformed its economy with traditional heavy engineering industries being replaced by a focus on creative industries, services and emerging technologies such as renewable energy. These sit alongside global success stories like the whisky industry and our aim for this conference is to draw attention to the complexity of the challenges facing today’s strategists in these and other settings.

By engaging in a dialogue between researchers and practitioners we hope to shed light on the ways in which strategy itself is changing. Many of the challenges of today’s economy require strategies that work beyond the boundaries of individual firms and we face growing pressures to incorporate ideas of sustainability and shared value in everything from public service organizations to commercial and corporate settings. Whilst challenging, these wicked problems also hold tremendous potential and those who help in the resolution of such difficulties are likely to have a significant impact in the global economy. The conference is organized around a number of familiar themes and we are delighted that the stakeholder, process and practice IGs are formally supporting the event. In addition to these three themes we also seek contributions that deal with research approaches which help us to study complex settings and which help to build real engagement with those in practitioner roles.

The Glasgow special conference will offer you an opportunity to engage with senior scholars and practitioners during what will be an exciting set of sessions. We have already lined up an outstanding range of contributors who will help stimulate a lively set of discussions. We hope that you’ll come to engage in those discussions as well as to experience the historic city of Glasgow … then perhaps to venture from there to the beautiful Scottish countryside.

A warm welcome awaits you.

J. Ignacio Canales
Robert MacIntosh
Donald MacLean

Strategic Management Society